We work here . . . .
Our family welcomes your family.
Ann Huyett,Director 
             (since 1993)
BA in Criminal Justice with Psych minor. Worked in MCPS with special needs kids for 14+ yrs. Has been working with kids for 35+ yrs.! Became Director here in 2000! 
Loves interior design & photography. Helping others is a passion that comes from her soul!

Kermit Guest, Group Leader/AA
      (since 2003)
Worked in a Group Home with troubled teens for 11 yrs. 
Comic book fanatic. Our resident super hero! Huge Redskins fan! A big kid at heart!
America Guzman, Group Leader
      (since 2004)
Worked with Latin American Youth Center in DC schools for 6 yrs.  BS in Poli Sci from UDC. Wants to pursue a Masters' in Latin Amer. Studies & work for OAS. An artist at heart! Big fan of soccer especially Barcelona!

Amie Fye
Group Leader
   (since early 2016)
New kid on the block! 
Studying for degree in Early Childhood & wants to teach first grade.  Loves kids & they love her back!
Is a social activist for women's issues & immigration. Loves to travel.